Talon Supply


Talon Supply has been around for over 30 years.



Welcome to Talon Supply, Inc. Our power supplies were designed by a tattoo artist for the tattoo artist. During our 15 years of making compact power supplies, we've added several features such as LED screens, pedal locks, dual 10 turns along with top of the line electronics but never changed our basic concept of the delivering ultra pure linear power with no voltage drifts. 

  During our journey, we added our revolutionary clip cord, patent # 7785122 along with our RCA's and RCA Adapters. We stand behind everything we make with a warranty. Everything is made by us in our shop.

Our machines have a full 2 year warranty* and a lifetime labor warranty thereafter.

* 2 year full warranty provided a surge protector is used at all times.

Wholesale inquiries welcome at Talonsupplyinc@gmail.com